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A playful, quirky brewery brand update.

To establish a robust market presence, a newly founded cryptocurrency custodian prioritized conveying technological expertise and unwavering accountability in an oversaturated industry. Targeting institutional and traditional finance audiences, the brand distinguished itself by eliminating industry jargon and overly flashy design aesthetics, opting instead for simplicity. Employing a restrained color palette and minimalist line illustrations, the brand ensures its innovative services are not only reliable but also easily understandable.

My Role

As the sole designer at the startup, I spearheaded and defined all creative elements.


Art Direction
Oversaw Dev
Product Experience

What is KNØX?

KNØX is a leading cryptocurrency custodian for institutional clientele, safeguarding 🔒 digital assets from theft or loss through offline storage in secure facilities. 🏰 What sets KNØX apart? They are the first to offer insurance, ensuring complete peace of mind.

The Challenge, Starting from Ground Zero

Upon joining the endeavor, the company had recently concluded its seed round. While successfully securing support from prominent backers like Initialized Capital and Fidelity, the company still faced significant hurdles before launch. The need for a website, digital product offerings, and even the brand itself presented considerable challenges. This is where my role became crucial. Alongside the founders, we recognized the imperative of crafting an innovative brand and digital experience to unlock the project's full potential. To begin to understand how we could go about this, we uncovered key challenges that the brand would need to solve for to succeed and bring the company's vision to life.

Differentiation in an Overly Saturated Market

During the pre-launch phase, we noticed that the majority of cryptocurrency custodians were targeting individual consumers, meaning they weren't direct competitors. Nevertheless, we aimed to differentiate ourselves by avoiding the industry's typical branding patterns, such as deep blues/purples and colorful graphics, in order to stand out.

Establishing Trust with Institutional Clients

Despite lingering concerns and market volatility surrounding cryptocurrencies, we set out to position ourselves as a trusted authority in the industry. Our objective was to educate our institutional clients (such a government agencies, financial institutions, exchanges and investors) about the benefits and importance of cryptocurrency investment, particularly in diversifying their portfolios and using that observed volatility as an opportunity.

Balancing Tech Innovation without Sacrificing Clarity

Blockchain technology and its associated products/assets, including cryptocurrencies, are renowned for their complexity. Our competitor research underscored this, revealing a tendency toward overly intricate graphics and jargon that obscured the true value of custodial services and crypto assets. We endeavored to demystify our solution, ensuring accessibility for all while emphasizing our steadfast commitment to security.

The Anatomy of Our Brand

Static Ads — Focus: Brand Introduction

Refined Elegance

Our choice of a serif font with a contemporary twist pays homage to the classic serif pairings synonymous with esteemed banking institutions such as Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo.

Golden Simplicity

Our minimalist color palette effortlessly cuts through complexity, ensuring essential information stands out, fostering confidence in our clientele's decisions.

Tradition Infused Innovation

Custom vector assets seamlessly blend the sleek lines of modern technology with traditional symbols of security and strength, showcasing imagery of bank vaults and towering skyscrapers.

The Website

What Makes Our Digital Offering Different?

We provide unmatched protection for our clients' digital assets through rigorous internal controls like 🌎 geographical separation, segregated offline accounts, and multi-party 🎉 authentication.

Product Overview

KNØX provides institutional clients with the utmost security for safeguarding their digital assets through our specialized custom hardware, tailored individually for each client to ensure top-tier protection.

As part of our digital offering, each client receives the KNØX Terminal and access keys. These terminals are customized for each client, serving as secure portals for transaction initiation. Equipped with proprietary software (KNØX OS) solely designed for custody transactions, each terminal ensures secure operations. Additionally, KNØX access keys are custom-built and provided to authorized personnel for transaction initiation. Strict security measures govern access key usage, working in tandem with the terminals to facilitate transactions securely.

Core Product Functionalities

Robust Digital Asset Management

Seamlessly manage multiple currencies, generate detailed reports, execute fund transfers, and access a comprehensive overview dashboard all within the KNØX terminal.

Bespoke Security Settings

Clients can customize terminal settings based on their company's or personal security standards, setting withdrawal limits, specifying the required number of signers for withdrawals (minimum of 3), defining approval time limits, and more.

Enhanced Multi-Factor Protocols

By utilizing physical access keys, dedicated terminals, and unique passwords for each signer, our system implements advanced authorization and security measures to mitigate the risk of theft effectively.

Additional Brand Assets