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Website & Rebrand

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A playful, quirky brewery brand update.

Specializing in home inspections and other building maintenance services, Inspection Professionals sought to modernize their online presence to grow their client base. Through redesigning their website, the site structure was improved to enable easier and faster appointment scheduling while also, creating a better flow of information. Navigation was also improved through the use of bold CTAs, flat iconography, and clear section separation that allowed the company's expert advice to be clear and readily available.

My Role

As the sole designer, I led all creative aspects from art direction to UI/UX design.


Visual Design
Dev Handoff
Post-Launch Support

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Who are Inspection Professionals?

Specializing in personalized 🏠 home inspection services tailored for 🔑 first-time homeowners, the company's founders approached us to revamp their website and brand so that they better resonate with their target audience while streamlining online scheduling.

The Challenge

To comprehend the challenges hindering the current brand and the reasons for the limited engagement via the existing site, we conducted targeted interviews with homeowners in the Philadelphia area. These insights allowed us to pinpoint the key issues we needed to address through the redesign. The primary challenges are listed below.

Apprehensions about Exploitation

Much like the apprehension one feels entrusting their car to a mechanic, our interviews revealed a prevalent fear among potential clients regarding potential exploitation when inquiring about home inspection services. They recognize the importance of inspections in real estate transactions but are wary of unnecessary expenses.


The current service pages lack comprehensive information, leaving potential clients perplexed about what services they truly need and concerned that the absence of clarity may signify an attempt to deceive.


Enhance transparency by providing detailed information to empower homeowners in their decision-making process. Additionally, optimize the website to prominently feature consultation scheduling, fostering ease of access.

Target Audience Ambiguity

While exploring the site, interviewees expressed confusion regarding whether the company exclusively catered to construction firms or also served individual home buyers.


The predominant focus on construction-related imagery on the site suggests a B2B orientation, further complicating the understanding of the target audience.


Addressing this ambiguity is crucial as several interviewees admitted hesitancy in engaging with the company due to this confusion, potentially resulting in missed opportunities and revenue loss.

Outdated Branding Lowered Perceived Value

Prospective clients were deterred by the outdated aesthetics of the website, characterized by antiquated, desaturated stock imagery and a website design reminiscent of the early 2000s, featuring overpowering backgrounds and patterns.


Interviewees expressed concerns that the dated appearance of the site might reflect obsolete business practices.


Revamping the branding is imperative as the outdated look diminishes the likelihood of client engagement and may undermine the company's credibility.

Our Goals

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Update and Revitalize the Brand

Forge a vibrant, contemporary brand tailored to resonate with first-time homeowners, blending cheerful modernity while preserving visual consistency with the existing brand.

Trusted Experts Icon


Established as Inspection Experts

Enhance the website with comprehensive information, empowering visitors to educate themselves on available services, thus reinforcing the company's reputation for professionalism and reliability.

User Focused Icon


Streamline Scheduling and Navigation

Enhance UX for seamless navigation and easy appointment scheduling, prioritizing clarity and intuition, especially for those unsure of their needs, to guarantee a smooth booking process.

The Final Design

After extensive exploration and strategic planning, we unveiled the revitalized brand identity and website for Inspection Pros. Infused with vibrant blues and reds, our dynamic color palette embodies the vigor and dreams of first-time homebuyers. Paired with sleek imagery, our rebrand not only appeals to a younger demographic but also radiates professionalism and trustworthiness crucial for their homeownership journey.

Users can conveniently schedule consultations or specific services directly from the homepage. Furthermore, each service page is equipped with ample information and a dedicated FAQ section, empowering homeowners to make informed decisions with confidence in Inspection Professionals.

The Impact



Following the launch of our new website, the company experienced a 64% surge in scheduled consultations, facilitated by enhanced online scheduling capabilities.



The revamped website design and SEO enhancements not only drove a surge in site traffic by 105% but also significantly decreased bounce rates, marking a notable improvement in user engagement.

Brand Overview